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Today’s customers, especially Millennials, love customization. Ordering by touch-screen presents an opportunity to express your individuality. Even non-Millennials appreciate touch-screen technology. With this in mind we are expanding our “Create Your Taste” (CYT) at this location. This concept lets you design your own burger or sandwich from any of our 4 new touch-screen kiosks, or at our counter.

Ronald McDonald

Arcola Elementary

Restaurant 7640

WT Sampson School

in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

​​McTeacher Nights & Santa Claus Visits

South Riding
McTeacher Night     Wed., November 29   5-7 pm  with  Little River ES
McTeacher NIght     Thur., November 30   5-7 pm  with  Little River ES

Thursday, December 7     6 - 8 pm    Santa Claus
Thursday, December 14   5 - 8 pm    McTeacher with Hutchison Farm ES

Wednesday, December 6    6 - 8 pm  Santa Claus

Gallows Road
Tuesday, December 12       5 - 8 pm   McTeacher with Woodburn ES
Thursday, December 14     6 - 8 pm   Santa Claus

Restaurant 15287

Celebrate that special day in Centreville

Just call us to schedule your party and reserve the space (703) 273-9866 or 
download and complete the Birthday Party Reservation Contract. Please print and bring the completed contract to the restaurant to discuss reservation date and time. A $50 deposit will be required to secure the space.

McTeacher's Night Program

This event is not available in all restaurants

McDonald's McTeacher's Night Program provides an opportunity for your school to raise funds for special projects. A percentage of sales from the event will be donated to the school. Donations to your school are based on a percentage of sales during a 3 hour period on a graduated scale. The higher the sales, the higher the percentage. If you are interested in scheduling a McTeacher's Night for your school, email

This year we partnered with the WT Sampson School in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to raise funds for school projects.  With the outstanding effort of the students and our excellent staff on the Navy Base in Cuba, they were able to raise $1026 for special school projects!  Congratulations to the students at WT Sampson School.

This spring Ronald McDonald celebrated with the 1st graders at Arcola Elementary. These ambitious 1st graders collected over 100,000 tabs from cans and donated them to the Ronald McDonald House. Ronald’s special performance on “Giving Back” was well received by these generous kids.

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Phone: (703) 378-9204

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