Ray Kroc Award

The Ray Kroc Award is a nation-wide honor created in 1999 to reward and recognize our best U.S. Restaurant Managers the top 1% from the nearly 14,000 Owner / Operator and McOpCo restaurants. This prestigious award provides U.S. management with a consistent platform to recognize superior performance and achievement and spotlight winners as role models for our crew and system.

The RKA winners receive an awards package that includes:

A $2.500 cash award
An award trophy and lapel pin
An awards banquet hosted by the President of McDonald’s USA
Travel accommodations to Chicago including round-trip airfare for two, banquet dinner,

welcome reception, ground transportation, scheduled entertainment and three nights

of hotel accommodations.

Prior Ray Kroc Award Winners 

Jackie Martinez, Carl Garcia, Gloria Chavarria  & Al Alkadi 

Awards Event for 2016 

(Presented Feb. 7, 2017)

100% Safety Committee Compliance Award
Gallows Road, Stone Road, GTMO, Greenbriar, Chantilly, Centreville
Recognition of HU Graduates               

Andy Morrel

VMI Restaurant of the Month of December                  


VMI Restaurant of the Year Award (Shining Star)    Maplewood - GM, Vilma @ Maplewood

Happy Guest Award

Pan Am  7.13 per 100K      Marshall  11.36 per 100K

Highest guest praises:                        

Chantilly  77.85 per 100K 

Greenbriar  72.94 per 100K                                                                           
VOICE Awards                       

Overall: Gtmo 68%, Accuracy: Fairfax Circle  76.8%            
Helping Hand Award
1. Moises   2. Vilma   3. Nancy   4.  Kathleen Taylor

Extra Mile Award (4)
1. Al Kadi   2. German Cruz    3. Mary Arnold                                        
Peer Recognition Award              

Scott Jarrell                         

ARNOLD Legacy Award              

Ronald Francia                  

Carol Lynn Van Valkenburg Memorial Award             

Cindy Flores         

Annual Record Breaker Award       

Marshall      South Broadlands      Dulles

$100,000 Club                    

GTMO: GM - Maravic Beard                      

Supervisor: Rose Kovel

South Riding: GM - Moises Dela Cruz              

Supervisor:  Jackie Martinez

South Broadlands: GM  - Emeli Arias   

Supervisor:  Jackie Martinez

Nominated:    Moises - Outstanding Manager
                        Vilma – Outstanding Manager
                        Mike – Outstanding Manager
                        Emeli – Outstanding Manager

Mark - Outstanding Mid-Manager
Jackie – Outstanding Mid-Manager 

BWR Winners
Moises, Vilma, Emeli, and Jackie

Legacy Award 2013

Max, Neva and Jim VanValkenburg

This award recognizes the Owner/Operator, throughout their trajectory with McDonald's, that has achieved highest levels of accomplishments through their leadership, personal involvement and exemplifying the highest levels of execution in their restaurants.   In addition, they reach to better the brand by contributing on a local and national level by serving on committees committed to improving McDonald's.  This prestigious award presented to Max VanValkenburg and his wife, Neva and his son, Jim is a culmination of 35 years of commitment and dedication to the McDonald's brand.

Anniversaries (as of February, 2017)

5 years
           Binod Devkota              15287
           Gloria Blanco               15287
           Emeli Arias                   31732
           Ella Rapada                   23854
           Roger Wildmone            14127
           Mani Pavlevanpour      Office
           Anthony Smith              Office                             

10 years
            Rosaura Urbina              1799   
15 years
            Patricia Mansilla         20401 
            Gloria Chavarria          12346
20 years
            Doris Hernandez            14127
            Pat Franco                      16838        
30 years
            David Walthall              McFix        

Ray Kroc

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