The“Worldwide Favorites” is now available for a limited time, and it includes the Stroopwafel McFlurry from The Netherlands, the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain, the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Canada and Cheesy Bacon Fries from Australia.

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Mobile Order & Pay
Three Easy Steps to Order Through the McDonald’s App

​​Mobile Order & Pay FAQs 
How do I know if McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay is available in my area?
Make sure you turn on location services so that we can show you all of the available features in the McDonald’s App. Mobile Order & Pay will appear in the McDonald’s App as a feature when you’re within 5 miles of a McDonald’s restaurant that offers Mobile Order & Pay. 

Worldwide Favorites

Introducing Quarter Pounder Bacon & Deluxe

Two new ways to enjoy a classic.

100% Fresh Beef Burgers Cooked When You Order

Current Promotions 5/17/19 – 6/29/19

New News
World Wide Favorites (Soft Sell) 5/20/19 – 6/4/19
World Wide Favorites (Official Launch) 6/10/19 – 7/28/19
Category Menu Updates (BVM, EVM, SCR/Beverage) 6/4/19 – Sustain

On-going Promotions
D123 Line-up Thru 6/30/19
$3 Chicken Biscuit P.O.P. Thru 6/30/19
Strawberry & Crème Pie Thru 9/3/19
Beverage Bar P.O.P. Thru 9/3/19
D123 Beverage Support Window Poster 4/21/19 – Sustain
Breakfast Core 5/12/19 – Sustain
McDelivery (Participating Restaurants) Ongoing
Mobile Order & Pay Ongoing

Happy Meals
Secret Life Of Pets 2 5/20/19 – 6/10/19
Toy Story 4 (Disney) 6/10/19 – 7/15/19

Disney Avengers 4 4/22/19 – 5/20/19
Donut Sticks Phase out 5/13/19 – 5/23/19
National Deal - 2 for $5 (10 Pc. McNuggets, Big Mac, QPC, & FOF) Thru 6/2/19 

New Promotions

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Happy Meal

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